Find out and discover all informations about the R1200 GS Adventure and the equipment on the following pages. Parts of it will be developed on tour, will grow bit by bit. So please be patient if not everything's available right from the beginning.


Riders Experience comes from the road only - that's where things happen and people connect.




The Adventure is on the road. Far away from glossy brochures in the dust and the dirt of roads all over the world.


Read eventually of technical extensions and modifications.


How does the GPS-tracking work.


Mobile, tablet, notebook? Cloud, memory card or hard disk? What solutions stand the pressures of a longdistance-ride.


Which camera- and video-equipment is on board, what's a reasonable solution?


From tent to camping stove - outdoor gear in a practical test. Keep it simple iinstead of highend solutions.


What will stand the test - and which items won't?



Thrilling informations will be given, that's for sure, that are yet to be gathered.


Stay tuned ... we're starting soon.




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